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Whynter Returns......

As we near a return for Basketball the Steelers are excited to welcome back Whynter Brennan to our womens Big V Program, after being named Third Team All-Region

Whynter joined our Junior Steelers Program in 2012 at the age of 12 from the Western Port Domestic Basketball Competition. Her first team was the U14 2 team coached by George Yerondais at the time. Whynter joined the competition full of confidence with a little bit of cheek to go with it and it was not long before the coach knew he had a keeper. She could back that cheek up with some explosive basketball as she brought an element of raw ability and height to the team.

Whynter left in her top aged U18 year which is when she was lured over the to the highly reputable and well accredited Southern Peninsula Girls Program. Southern Pen had some terrific pathways to the State basketball level and with the lure of this from certain Southern Pen coaches, Whynter could not deny herself the opportunity. Basketball was, and is her passion.

It was not long though that she had realised that this was not the place for her. In her words, the training was nowhere near as intense and her fitness suffered as a result. She wanted to come home and did so the following year to play Youth League for Western Port. It was then she was noticed by the Big V Women’s coach but decided to pursue her basketball career and do college at the same time in the US at Iowa based College, South Western Community College.

In her most recent season, Whynter finally broken out and showed some of her true potential, dragging the team into the finals posting Starting all 23 games and averaging 12 points 8 rebounds in 25 minutes. Whynter was used from the 1 – 5 spot at times and did an incredible job regularly posting double doubles with her ability to score at will and strength in the paint. She truly is the total package and at the young age of 21, and has it all in front of her.

Whynter will resume her Big V career with WPBA for the 3 months she remain in Australia whilst she weighs up her options in the US with multiple offers on the table and schools chasing her ability. Well done Whynter, we are all so proud and so happy to have you back.

We asked Whynter a few questions and this is what she gave us:

Q. When did you come to WPBA?

A. I think it was when I was 12 and played U14s with you. My domestic basketball coach who was coaching rep brought me over to try out for George’s U14s team.

Q. Who was your favourite coach while at WPBA?

A. My favourite coach was George Yerondais, as he pushed me to my limits and was my first coach at the club. He was a big part in my loving basketball and becoming the player I am now. He always made me better!!

Q. What was your greate

st achievement at WPBA?

A. My greatest achievement at WPBA was being asked to play in the Women’s team from a very young age and to help the team when they needed me. At the time, I was also moving up to U18s, I was the only bottom aged player in the first U18s WPBA VJBL side which was really exciting for me too.

Q. What College are you currently play at and how has that experience been for you?

A. I am currently at South Western Community College in Iowa. The experience has been amazing for me. I have met so many people from different cultures which has really opened up my eyes and my mind. It has given me perspective and a greater potential to learn about the world and basketball. I have also improved my game immensely while I have been there. I have played against some really good players and learn a lot about my game and my own abilities. The competition has driven my improvement and I have been pushed to new limits that I did not know that I could reach. Now I am looking for another gear and to be pushed even more to reach a greater level again. I know that I have this in me as my love for this game keeps on growing. I am really excited about this and about coming home to play for the club I started my basketball career at that I love so very much!!

I am really keen to get into training and play Big V at Western Port. I have a massive appetite to play and be better and cannot wait!!

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