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Western Port Basketball (Steelers) commenced in 1992 and played their games at the Bittern Memorial Hall basketball court.

As more information is provided to us about the history of our wonderful club, we will add to this page.

If you have historical information or photos you would like to share with us - please email: marketing@wpba.com.au

Information shared from past players:

Keryn McLear told us:

"Many years ago, our whole team defected from SPBA for one season (we'd been unfairly suspended, long story) and we went to the Yackaboo tournament at Pakenham. We won it for WP, I have the medal somewhere, will look for it. It would have been in the 1980s, and we wore a dark red cotton uniform, from memory (which could be wrong) which was lent to us by WP. I played for about ten years at Bittern Stadium with most of the women in that tournament team, which is why we qualified to play for WP.

The Sloscher family ran the stadium, with Muriel not allowing us in unless we had street shoes and took them off to put court shoes on. She and her husband Jack reffed, did the door, and organised kids for tournaments. Later, they parted, and Muriel's new man also refereed, the whole three still working together to make the stadium a success. One year, the stadium floor flooded, ruining the boards. We had to play at Hastings Leisure Centre until the floor was repaired."